Welcome! Be in Touch is an initiative in mindfulness to nurture and grow consciousness, study it and most of all, practice it. I invite you to join me on this quest to explore consciousness, no matter what your background is. You may be religious, spiritual, atheist, agnostic, just trying to be human or none of the above. I imagine that like me you find consciousness – your own and that of our times – interesting, intriguing, exciting and worrisome.

I am Herman, a meditation teacher. Are you searching for a place to practice meditation? Are you looking for down to earth teaching on mindfulness and how to integrate it into your everyday life? Please contact us on 0832525239 or e-mail herman@beintouch.co.za.

Be in Touch is a vibrant commmunity of over 9000 Facebook participants and around 100 dedicated meditators on #flagit, using the Insighttimer app.

I work both online and from my rooms and meditation studio (appointments only please) at 92 St Swithins Ave Auckland Park Johannesburg.

Why all the talk about mindfulness?

Here is one of my responses.

  • The proven benefits are measureable: less stress and better health; setting and attaining your goals at school and work; enjoying and improving your game; feeling happier and fulfilled in your personal life.

What is mindfulness?

  • An awareness created by paying attention to the present moment, without judgment, with a compassionate intent.

How do we practice

By paying attention to the present moment and expanding our awareness without judgement both during meditation and everyday activity.

  • You were born paying attention. Its a survival instinct you’ve been exercising naturally for as long as you’ve been around.
  • Your attention is your most valuable asset. The potential you hold is all locked up in this innate ability.
  • It follows that at play, school, work and home, ideas and your responses thereto elbow to access and own your sought after attention.
  • Therefore we practice to master the control and quality of our attention.
  • I have been teaching Mindfulness since 1997.
  • Please contact me for personal or group meditations and corporate work. I also practice as a registered therapist at www.therapytoday.co.za